10mm 3rd Generation Smith = Bad-assery on many levels

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10mm is a bad ass handgun cartridge.

Ignore the wimpy current factory loadings (other than boutique outfits like Buffalo Bore), and find some old fullhouse Norma rounds, or better yet start reloading!

What better platform than an all steel third Gen S&W? None, I submit! This one is a 4.25″ barrel 1076. It takes a single stack mag holding 9+1 and has a frame mounted de-cocker (as a DA/SA SIG fan also, I prefer this type of action). It’s a sweet shooter, and has enough weight to soak up the magnum class recoil. Think .41 Magnum in an autoloader!

Besides the out-of production Smiths (they still offer it in a revolver), you can get 10mm chamberings from Glock, CZ (1911 platform) and a few others.


Too nice to shoot !?

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Recently traded for a nice S&W Model 19 with a 2.5” barrel.

For those who don’t know, that would be a medium sized frame (K in S&W terminology) chambered for the .357 Magnum cartridge. These guns are pretty desirable, especially in this shorter barrel length.

It was presented to me as unfired, which while hard to prove, is hard to deny when looking at the condition of the gun.

It is also an earlier model with a pinned barrel and recessed chambers, both desirable features to collectors.

As an investment vehicle, a “like new in box” pre-lock S&W revolver is pretty hard to beat. Five years ago I could still find these for like $450. This one could bring $650 to 700 on an auction site today. Is your 401K returning 7-8% these days?

My hillbilly inclination is to shoot it the piss out of it, but it will probably sit in the safe a while and get traded.

If I can’t bring myself to shoot it, it will probably go towards something that will. I have danced with the “Safe Queen” before, but she rarely hangs around for an encore.

Ruger 10/22 for the “Old School” Crowd!

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I found a nice older Ruger 10/22 at a local pawn shop this week.

There are probably a buhzillion or two of these out there, but this one really appealed to me with its walnut stock and sans-legal warning barrel.

It was made in 1976, and still looks new after 30+ years of apparent little use.  These little rifles shoot .22 LR ammunition, making them cheap to feed, and are fairly accurate. Everyone should have a couple!

$160 later (tax included) and it came home with yours truly.

S&W Model 28 Highway Patrolman

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Found a nice Smith & Wesson 28-2 today in a local gun shop ( and also bought another Smith in a local pawn and paid more there…backwards, I know!).

It is a 6″ model that dates to ’66 or ’67. Has a little honest wear, but is  in excellent shape mechanically. The target grips are probably not original, as this model would have most likely came with service stocks. $350 later (tax and all) and it’s home with me. This thing just begs to be shot. The larger N frame really soaks up the .357 Magnum recoil. Shooting .38 Specials through this one would be child’s play!


Waiting periods suck….

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I recently bought a S&W revolver from a pawn shop located inside the city limits of a local town. Somewhere in the back of my mind I probably knew that the city had a mandatory 3 day waiting period on handguns, but it didn’t register until they actually handed me the form. Keeping in mind I had already filled out the 4473 and passed the NICS, what else do they possibly want to know about me?

The city form had 6 or 7 questions, all similar to ones on the 4473 . Plus, I have purchased and owned several handguns before this transaction. Seems to me that the Mayor could take the money alloted to shuffling this paperwork and put another officer on the street actually fighting CRIME.

Enough ranting for now, it just doesn’t sit well when a local liberal mayor decides that I (the law abiding citizen) need watching when their city has much greater problems that need addressing.

Anyone remember tip boards?

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Anyone much younger than me may not even know what a “tip board” is. Most roadside taverns and run-down beer joints probably wouldn’t survive without them. You take an item worth $XXX and sell chances at winning it. You pull paper tabs off a board, and if the number matches you have a tip. There is a second non-matching number, and when all the “pulls” are sold out you reveal the winning “tip” by breaking a seal on the board.

If you start out with a $300 item, and run it for $1/pull on a board with 400-450 pulls, the profit margin is pretty good. Why the honky tonk history lesson you ask? I won a $400 knife on a $10 investment this evening. It was the first time I’ve pulled on a tip board for years. Here’s a link for the knife, an M.O.D. Triton automatic . Pretty cool, but no idea what I would use it for.

Oh yeah, I also have 2 tips (out of a possible 30) on a $1500 S&W pistol. It hasn’t finished yet, but I have a feeling!


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Holographic sights on AR’s are nothing new, at least to everyone except me. I just outfitted my black rifle with Troy Industries BUIS (back up iron sight) and an EOTech 512 (AA battery model). A quick range trip confirmed what I have been missing all along….this is the way to go….one eye, two eyes no difference…parallax free…niiiice!

A quick mental tally confirms that I now have as much invested in accessories on this rifle as the total price of my first build a year or so ago.

Here’s my youngest brother shooting it in its current form……..