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Puma Hunter’s Pal Knife

Posted in Uncategorized on June 22, 2012 by recoiltherapy

Here’s another knife to look out for at swap meets, yard sales and pawn shops.

This one is a vintage 1973 knife. The older ones were sold in a green/yellow two piece plastic box.

The stag is outstanding on this one, and Puma is known for quality steel n their blades.

German craftsmanship is rarely a bad thing!

These vintage Puma’s can exceed $200 in value pretty easily in the larger knives, so be on the lookout!


Win a free AR15!

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No purchase necessary if you fill out and mail a form

Palmetto is a great outfit too

Enter to win

On a roll……

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Found this in the same shop as my recent 10mm rescue.
It’s a 1990 vintage Sig P220 in .45acp.
P220’s are single stack guns holding 8 rounds, although extended 10 round mags are available.
These are high quality firearms, try one out if you get a chance.
It’s not a double stack wonder pistol and there’s no polymer in it, but these are some of the best shooting pistols around.


More bad-assery

Posted in smith wesson on June 20, 2012 by recoiltherapy

Found another 10mm Smith in a pawn shop recently.
This one is a Model 1006.
It’s the 5″ barreled bigger brother to the 1076, with a slide mounted safety/decocker instead of a frame mount decock only lever.
Had a minor issue with a broken part, so I got it for a song!
Smith & Wesson sent me the part for free, which is typical of their customer service in my experience.

Pics or it didn’t happen ……