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10mm 3rd Generation Smith = Bad-assery on many levels

Posted in Uncategorized on March 7, 2012 by recoiltherapy

10mm is a bad ass handgun cartridge.

Ignore the wimpy current factory loadings (other than boutique outfits like Buffalo Bore), and find some old fullhouse Norma rounds, or better yet start reloading!

What better platform than an all steel third Gen S&W? None, I submit! This one is a 4.25″ barrel 1076. It takes a single stack mag holding 9+1 and has a frame mounted de-cocker (as a DA/SA SIG fan also, I prefer this type of action). It’s a sweet shooter, and has enough weight to soak up the magnum class recoil. Think .41 Magnum in an autoloader!

Besides the out-of production Smiths (they still offer it in a revolver), you can get 10mm chamberings from Glock, CZ (1911 platform) and a few others.