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Anyone remember tip boards?

Posted in Uncategorized on December 11, 2007 by recoiltherapy

Anyone much younger than me may not even know what a “tip board” is. Most roadside taverns and run-down beer joints probably wouldn’t survive without them. You take an item worth $XXX and sell chances at winning it. You pull paper tabs off a board, and if the number matches you have a tip. There is a second non-matching number, and when all the “pulls” are sold out you reveal the winning “tip” by breaking a seal on the board.

If you start out with a $300 item, and run it for $1/pull on a board with 400-450 pulls, the profit margin is pretty good. Why the honky tonk history lesson you ask? I won a $400 knife on a $10 investment this evening. It was the first time I’ve pulled on a tip board for years. Here’s a link for the knife, an M.O.D. Triton automatic . Pretty cool, but no idea what I would use it for.

Oh yeah, I also have 2 tips (out of a possible 30) on a $1500 S&W pistol. It hasn’t finished yet, but I have a feeling!