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AR-15 Goodness

Posted in Uncategorized on April 29, 2006 by recoiltherapy

AR-15’s (aka EBR’s…Evil Black Rifles) should begin the first round of treatment in any recoil therapy regimen. If the subject doesn’t immediately break into their best imitation of a Calvin & Hobbes-esque maniacal grin, more intense treatment will be needed. For most of us, running through 5 or 6 soothing 30 round mags of 5.56mm on a Saturday afternoon will erase any memory of the shit sandwiches that were served at the office all week.

Here is my first build…it’s a 16″ Bushmaster Dissipator Upper on a DoubleStar lower. The stock is a ACE ARFX. Props to MidwayUSA who had them for around $55. The Bushie upper is a post-ban with a pressed on AK style break. It’s really reduces muzzle flip, but is a bitch if your on the next bench beside it.

Total price for the build was ~$575, much more palatable than the >$800 that a factory assembled rifle runs. These guns can be a little pricey when you have 2.3 crumb munchers, a mortgage or two and are trying to keep the SUV filled up with Middle-East Meth. Building one (assembling really, only minimal tools and talent are needed) is really the way to go. Check out for way more info than you will ever need